About us

We are neither dependent on or obliged to banks nor to certain products and are therefore completely free in our decisions.

We aim for long-term, attractive, risk-adjusted returns that are significantly better than conventional offers.

Independence is the basis of good advice.

We stand for independence, fairness, and transparency and are only committed to one goal, the investment success of our clients.

Hannes Fuchs

CEO / Founding Partner

Hannes Fuchs

CEO / Founding Partner

As a successful investor and entrepreneur, I provide my clients with comprehensive lifelong advice and support. Together, with the portfolio management team at Omicron Invest, we have gained more than 30 years of experience in managing portfolios and investment funds.

The decisive and major difference to conventional consultants is that we have “skin in the game” ourselves.
In contrast to most financial advisors and fund managers we have invested our own money in our very own strategies.

As a former professional athlete and multiple Olympic participant I know that discipline and goals are the key to success.

After my sports career, I led my service company Fuchs Relocations to market leadership.
The company is still the benchmark in the industry to this day.

Our core team