We help you invest smartly

Take control of your financial future.
Benefit from investment advice at the highest level.

We support you in your personal

We are asset and financial advisors at the same time.

That means we support you in your investments, but also in related areas such as financial planning, real estate, private provision and insurance management.

Continuous and holistic financial advice is an important part of our concept.

The centrepiece of our consulting services is active asset management with global passive funds.

Independence is the basis of good advice.

We stand for independence, fairness, and transparency and are only committed to one goal, the investment success of our clients.

Hannes Fuchs

CEO / Founding Partner

Our services

Asset management
Foxinvest Global***
Financial consulting
Analysis and integration of present securities accounts
Private provision
Savings plans
Withdrawal plans
Financial planning
Private balance sheet
Real estate
Insurance management

Our investment ­approach

… based on established scientific knowledge and years of practical experience.
We strive for risk-reduced equity market returns with active portfolio management and passive products.

We build
holistic robust portfolios

We are not trying to beat the market with individual stocks (stock picking). Instead, we mainly rely on passive funds (ETF) in order to map up to 12,500 individual values in 90 countries across the globe.

We lower the risk

We put together global and broadly diversified portfolios. In this way, the risk is spread within and across the asset classes.

The downside risk is always on our radar

The share quota is regulated based on a rule-based trend follow model with additional countercyclical signals. This way, we try to reduce the downside risk considerably even in difficult market phases. After all, a 50% loss requires a 100% gain to get back to where you started.

We strive towards cost reduction

We usually use inexpensive passive funds (ETF). This enables us to achieve cost savings of up to 75% on average compared to conventional funds. Simply put, lower costs translate into higher returns.

We take your tax situation into account

We constantly monitor your portfolio and, if necessary, recommend transactions to reduce your tax burden. In this way, you generate potential additional income.

We are largely independent

Commissions from product manufacturers or other third parties are generally very low in the area of ​​passive investments and ETFs especially. Therefore, they do not cause any conflicts of interest. Nevertheless, all benefits on our part are fully disclosed and transparent.


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